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EasyClient, Client information and booking system

Simple online client information and booking system

Adding an appointment to your online system is as easy as filling in a diary...
Getting meaningful information from a diary isn't so easy, that's where our system shows it's full value.
Combine client informtion and appointment scheduling in one place.

Give your clients the ability to login and see their forthcoming appointments,
practitioners can also log in to see their appointments.
Re-arrange your appointments by simply dragging and dropping them to their new time slot.

With just a few mouse clicks you can add a booking,
view client details and practitioner hours.
it's never been simpler to administer your workload.


online client information and booking system

Perfect for

  • Clinics & Thearapists
  • Hair & beauty salons
  • Tutors & Consultants
  • Car mechanics & Landscapers
  • Builders & Bookkeepers
  • Trainers, Pet groomers, Tattooists
  • and many more ...

Simple pricing

  • Monthly or yearly payments
  • Full 24 hr help and support

Simple online client information and booking system.

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